Australia Asbestos Awareness Week 22 – 28 November

Australia Asbestos Awareness Week 22 – 28 November

Asbestos Awareness Week is a chance for all Australians to become aware of where in the home or workplace asbestos could be, and to make sure they know what to do to avoid becoming exposed.

It’s a fact of life that living in Australian means living with asbestos. For many years, Australia was one of the highest worldwide users of asbestos. Despite its use being banned since 2003, large amounts of asbestos are still present in many Australian homes, workplaces and the environment. At the height of its use, asbestos was in over 3,000 products and many of these products are still contained in our homes and workplaces.

The majority of homes built or renovated before 1987 have some type of asbestos building material still present. Overall across the country it is estimated that 1 in 3 homes still contain some type of asbestos building material.

Staying safe
For more information on staying safe when working with asbestos watch the series NSW SafeWork Asbestos videos on YouTube or visit

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