About ECA

The first step of managing asbestos in your building, structure or workplace is identification. Having an asbestos sample analysis and survey report completed will determine whether ACM (asbestos containing materials) are present.


ECA provide and arrange these services for their clients. Conducting an asbestos survey report involves visiting the site, obtaining samples of presumed ACM, taking photographs and documenting locations of all samples taken.


East Coast Asbestos Removal provides encapsulation services to all industrial and commercial properties on the East Coast of Australia. Our experienced consultants will advise on the options available and the course of action that should be taken to eliminate or control these risks of asbestos exposure.


We at ECA aim at making your workplace or property a safe and hazard free environment. The need for encapsulating the ACM (asbestos containing materials) will be determined by the condition of the asbestos sheeting and the level of exposure of these fibres.

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