Asbestos must only be removed by licensed contractors. ECA are licensed, professional and ensure that all work is completed safely. Working with our clients, ECA aim to minimise disruption on the property while completing removal work.

ECA have experienced staff on hand to remove asbestos containing materials safely. From preparation to completion ECA ensure that everyone involved including the general public are not at risk in any job undertaken.

ECA are able to remove all types of Asbestos on your premises and can provide your premises with a clearance certificate after removal.

Bonded asbestos is the most common form of asbestos, bonded asbestos was used to manufacture internal and external wall sheeting, eaves, fencing, roof sheeting, asbestos guttering, roof shingles and hundreds of other products where the components were stronger in the asbestos to the existing product being used.

If you are unsure whether your building contains Asbestos, don’t risk your health call ECA a professional in asbestos. Your property will probably have Asbestos Containing Materials if it was built around or before 1980.