After years of deterioration the bonded asbestos exposes asbestos fibres in the atmosphere. Over time the cement products based in the asbestos are eaten away from lichen on the sheets and prolonged natural weather conditions. This is a serious concern and must be managed.

One alternative to complete removal is Asbestos Encapsulation.

Asbestos Encapsulation involves coating the existing asbestos with a water based UV protective rubber coating. Encapsulation is a more cost effective way to control the asbestos. Coming with a ten year manufactures warranty encapsulation is the only alternative other than removal.

ECA will determine whether encapsulation or removal is necessary based on the size of the job, condition of the asbestos, budget of the job and talking with the client.

The advantages of encapsulating the asbestos are;

Costs involved compared to a complete removal
Reduction in Roof Cavity Temperature as coating is UV Protective
Reduction in Power bills as temperature in building is reduced
Seals and controls exposed asbestos fibres into the atmosphere
Ten year warranty provided
Increased value to your premises
Add character to your premises, comes in a range of colours

If you have any questions regarding encapsulation or would like a free quote contact ECA today and one of our experienced staff will be in touch to discuss what options are available.